Newbury Park Track Club and Cross Country

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The 2023 season will consist of the following:

  • Six conference meets (4 home and 2 away) beginning March 11.

  • Junior Varsity / Conference Finals on 4/29 at Camarillo High School

  • Varsity / Conference Championships on 5/6 at Moorpark High School

  • Super Varsity / Co-Conference Championships on 5/13 at Rio Mesa High School


Athletes compete in two-year age divisions.

The age divisions for the 2022 track season are as follows:

Age After 2023 Birthday Birth Year* Division
7 to 8 2015 & 2016 Boys 7-8 / Girls 7-8
9 to 10 2013 & 2014 Boys 9-10 / Girls 9-10
11 to 12 2011 & 2012 Boys 11-12 / Girls 11-12
13 to 14 2009 & 2010 Boys 13-14 / Girls 13-14
15 to 16 2001 & 2008 Boys 15-16 / Girls 15-16


* Born on any date of the noted years.

Each team is coached by a head coach and usually one or more assistant coaches.  With additional support from parents and community, specialty coaches will be added to further build our teams' skills and enhance each athlete's abilities.

The NPTC ensures that all athletes compete fairly and equally.  All athletes are eligible to compete an equal amount, and all have an equal chance to earn awards.

One of the wonderful aspects of a track club is that each athlete competes on an individual basis, but enjoys the support and camaraderie of a team.  It is a chance to reach one's own individual best, while receiving coaching and team encouragement.  We encourage hard work and persistence while at the same time, and most importantly, HAVING FUN!


Each age group team competes against the same age group teams from opposing clubs from the Ventura County Youth Track Conference. To ensure fair and fun competition in individual events/heats, the kids are placed from fast to fastest based on previous times.

At the end of the regular season, there are three additional meets: Conference Finals, Conference Championships and Co-Conference Championships. The Conference Championships includes the top nine individual performers for "laned" events (100, 200, 400) and field events, the top 12 performers in non-laned events (800, 1600, 3200) and top team from each VCYTC team for relay events. The Conference Finals are for all other performers not in the Conference Championships. This ranking based system was initiated in the 2016 track season and replaces the previously used varsity/junior varsity system. See for more information.

The final meet of the year is the Co-Conference Championships, with teams from the VCYTC and Southern California Youth Track and Field Conference, which determines the male and female Ventura County champions in each event for each age group.

Athletes may participate in the following events during the meets:

  • Running: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 4x100 Relay, 4x400 Relay* and Hurdles**

  • Field Events:  High Jump*, Long Jump and Shot Put*

*For nine years and older

**For ages 11 and older

Event Entry Limitations: Athletes may participate in no more than 4 events in total in one meet, with no more than 3 running events (including individual and relay events). The exception to this rule is that the 4x400 relay is a "free" event (e.g. not counted towards the limits). This is critical to note as athletes that break this rule and "over-event" will have their marks on all events invalidated and not used as qualifying marks towards the Conference Championships.


Registration is open for returning and new athletes. The size of the club is limited to 250-270 athletes and the maximum number of kids per team will vary from 20 to 40. Teams fill up quickly in most cases. If the maximum limit has been met, you can sign up and be placed on a wait list if and when kids drop from the program. . For a list of key dates, visit THIS PAGE.

Registration fees for the 2023 track season is $120, which covers photos, t-shirts, insurance, supplies, awards and other costs associated with running track meets. Uniforms are an additional cost and should be ordered at registration. For the 2023 track season, the Club will be using the same uniforms that were used in the past three seasons; if your child is a returning athlete and the uniform still fits, you will not be required to purchase a new uniform. Additionally, we will be offering two styles of uniforms this season; the "compression" fit uniforms as well as a looser fitting uniform. More information will be available in the "Online Store" and upon registering.


Practices begin at the Newbury Park High School Panther Stadium on February 6. Drop off and pick up is at the gate on Lesser Drive, between Paseo Montecito and Spanish Gate Drive. There is plenty of parking available on Lesser as well as in the parking lot adjacent to the tennis courts. Please do not double park on Lesser, park in driveways, etc.

The club has access to the track between the hours of 4:30 p.m to 6:00 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, except when there is a high school competition or event requiring use of the stadium. Each coach will determine and communicate specific hours of practice for their respective teams.

Some teams will start conditioning prior to the first practice at a different venue. Your coach will let you know.

Coaches may choose a two, three or four day schedule; your child's coach will provide the details prior to the start of the season.

Make sure your child’s coach is on the field before leaving your child at practice and pick up your child promptly at the end of practice.  We cannot be responsible for children outside of practice hours or when practice is canceled or changed to another location (e.g. Peppertree Park). Practices continue throughout the entire season.


For practices, the kids should wear shorts, t-shirts or tank top and running shoes. On colder evenings we recommend brining warm up pants or sweats and a light jacket or long sleeved top. We also recommend bringing water to practice for hydration.

NPTC uniforms must be worn at all meets.


Running shoes should be specifically designed for running; any number of local stores (running specialty stores, department stores, sporting goods stores) carry a wide selection of running shoes; they don't have to be particularly fancy or expensive. Some participants may choose to purchase a lighter pair of shoes geared towards competition; however, this is not a requirement. Track spikes are also a consideration for some athletes looking for an extra edge in competition (Gremlins are not allowed to wear spikes however). Spikes should only be worn when required and for all weather tracks should be 3/16" or less. When in doubt, ask your coach.


During practices, only coaches and assistants may occupy the field. Parents may watch from behind the fence or in the stands.

During track meets, only coaches, athletes and officials who are participating in the events may occupy the field. The track may not be crossed anywhere on the home straight. Only water is allowed on the infield.


For the Club to function, we rely on our parents to help.  Each family will be required to pay a $200 volunteer deposit (one check per family, not per child) and commit to work three shifts at the meets (primarily home meets, but there will also be volunteer requirements at other meets the Club is required to fill).  The deposit check will be shredded at the end of the season if parents have fulfilled all of their obligations to help.  If a family does not fulfill its entire obligation, the entire deposit is forfeited.  Instead of helping run the meets, a parent can volunteer to coordinate field events, snack shack, fulfill various administrative duties or help with coaching.

Our club takes great pride in running a smooth, and efficient meet.  It takes the effort of all the parents to pull this off. Each meet requires 90-100 people to run.  The parents help by timing the runners, measuring the field events, organizing the athletes waiting to compete, organizing and distributing the ribbons, running the snack shack or preparing the track ahead of time.  There are a variety of needs, so find one you feel comfortable with, and one that we can count on you fulfilling.  If you are unable to meet your commitment, you must make alternate arrangements with other parents.  Please do not call your Coach or a Board Member the night before a meet.


The night before a meet, your child should eat a low fat, high carbohydrate meal, such as pasta, salad, and fruit. The day of the meet, carbonated drinks, candy, milk, and heavy, greasy foods should be avoided, as they are hard to digest. Fruit juice, water, diluted Gatorade, and light foods are recommended for consumption during the meet.


All injuries or illness of club members must be reported to your coach each day.  The athlete’s practice and meet schedule may then be adjusted accordingly. Secondary medical insurance is provided as a part of your registration fees.  There is a deductible you must meet and a maximum payment of $10,000 per incident.  See a NPTC Board Member for further information.  Copies of our insurance certificate can be found on the Ventura County Youth Track Conference (VCYTC) website at THIS LINK.

The Newbury Park Track Club operates as part of the Ventura County Youth Track Conference, a non-profit organization. The nonprofit Federal I.D. is 77-0273966.  Newbury Park Track Club is not affiliated with the Conejo Valley Unified School District.